Kelli Maxwell founded Ember Marketing Group in 2018. An agency focused on content creation and social media marketing, primarily working with small, local businesses, Kelli realized the huge need for basic foundational business planning for entrepreneurs and start ups. 

With a desire to help start ups at a price point they can afford, Kelli knew she needed to create a community that did just that. But she knew she couldn't do it alone. 

So, she reached out to two of her close friends and fellow business owners, Chareese and Sharon, with her idea to help entrepreneurs. Combining their strengths, experience and expertise, they created the community they all wished they had when they first started out. 

"We've been exactly where you are. We celebrate every little win and seek counsel for every struggle. We know how hard and how rewarding it is to be an entrepreneur and we want to take that journey with you." -Kelli

Learn more about our Fire Starters group here or our Flame Throwers group here

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