My entire business is built around content creation and branding. I help my clients and friends put themselves on video, take pictures, and create engaging content that is true to their voice and brand. I love what I do.

Then one day, a friend pointed out that I wasn’t doing it myself. Helping him overhaul his Instagram page, he made a comment meant to tease… “You know, for being the ‘Content Queen’ you’re not putting much of yourself on your own page.” That stung… because it was true. I had no excuses, just insecurities.

So, the next morning I recorded my first video and I posted it. Every week now, I post a ‘Marketing Spark with Kelli’ video. Every week now, I get someone new reaching out to me saying they saw my video and need help with their marketing. I’m getting new clients because of the content I put out, just like I do for my own clients. And every time I get a new client or make a new connection because of my content, I thank my friend for calling me out and encouraging me to get outside my comfort zone.

Be bold. Nothing big or life giving comes from staying comfortable and free of possible negative feedback. Do the scary thing. Surround yourself with your people who will be honest and encouraging and supportive of you. Put your message out into the world. Create your content that only you can. Your fans will follow. They will buy your product, your service, or take to heart what you have to say and you will improve their quality of life. 

Let’s get bold. Together, we win.