We keep hearing it… “Content Marketing.”

What is Content Marketing? 

Simply put, Content Marketing is the creation of material that people contribute to the online world. This can be videos, blogs, articles, social media posts, images or memes, all with the goal of growing business or to be seen as a thought leader, or expert of one’s industry. 

Advertising has shifted. Consumers are spending less time reading newspapers and watching tv and spending more time on social media.

Content is now Queen. Good, consistent content targeted towards a specific audience on social media platforms is the advertising of the future. And in 2019 we are living it.

Content marketing is a powerful tool that most of us don’t even know we are using. Not only can any industry market their business on social media with little advertising dollars spent, anyone with a personal account on any social media platform is also marketing themselves. While powerful, content marketing can be detrimental when used incorrectly so it’s good practice to be thoughtful and plan.  

Here are some questions to ask yourself for your personal and business content creation: 

How do I want to be seen online?

Is my content reflecting the way I want to be seen by others?

Does it reinforce my desired reputation and how I want to be seen as the thought leader of my industry? 

Does my content consistently represent my personal brand? 

Does my content consistently represent my business’ brand and core values? 

Does my business content build authority and connect with my audience? 


Here are my four top tips for ramping up your content marketing:

Ask friends and colleagues to view your pages and give you a summary of your personal brand and business brand based on what you have posted. 

Fill out a comprehensive client avatar worksheet to really identify your target market so you can create content designed to connect with them.

If you’re not sure where to even begin to identify your personal brand or your target market, hire a trusted marketer who specializes in content creation for social media platforms.

What you have to say matters and will resonate with your audience. You are the expert of your industry. Good content WILL grow your business. Have the courage to put your message out in the world! 

If you want help with creating your content and getting clarity on your brand, sign up here for a free 15 minute strategy session with me!