1.      You created a page but never post on it.

Having a page that exists but is never updated looks worse than not even having one, in my opinion. It is not beneficial to create a page on a social media platform unless you plan on consistently using it to post content to grow your audience and your business.

2.      You’re not interactive.

Social media is one of the first places that your potential customer will look to find information about your business, read recommendations and reach out to you directly. Responding to a Facebook message is just as important as answering the phone. Responding to comments on a post or having a quick response time in messenger will gain you a good reputation and loyal customers!

3.      You’re targeting the wrong market.

Does a construction company need to be spending money on ads on Snapchat? That is definitely not their ideal demographic. Know your audience and know which social media platforms they are on so you can effectively target them.

4.      You’re not sure how social media works or how it can be effective.

Posting engaging, relevant content, consistently targeted to your audience, will grow your business and your position as a Thought Leader of your industry. If you’re not sure how to do this, great news! I’m here to help. 

Get in touch with me here if you have questions about how to grow your social media presence and target your ideal clients. Together, we win.