Ready to Ignite Your Brand?

That's what this group is all about. 
You have a dream and you want to turn it into a business. We're here to turn that into a reality with you.
We learned the hard way that no one teaches you how to start a startup. There are hundreds of great programs, coaches and consultants (we know, we've wasted thousands of dollars working with them) who help you grow your business once your brand is established. But who helps you start?
We do. We care deeply about start ups, because we've been where you are and we recognize the need for affordable help to get your business up and running or growing now that you've finally taken the leap.
Join nationally recognized marketer and content creator Kelli Maxwell and artist-turned-brick and mortar business expert Chareese Jorgensen in the official Ember Marketing GROUP for advice, feedback, networking and everything you need to know about marketing to launch and grow your brand.

"After working with Kelli for just one month, I've made several thousand dollars off the ads she's created and I wish I would have found her sooner." – Megan, Breathwork Healer

"Chareese in my opinion never gives herself enough credit for all she does in this community and with her own business. She is the first to help a business or donate some item to be raffled off for charity purposes. She shows up everyday for her community and we are so lucky to have her." -Truthe, Realtor 

"This group has given me everything I need to know about how to market my brand, plus the confidence to do it, without the high ticket price tag that Kelli is worth." – Joy, Realtor

"When you're working on something you're passionate about, you don't need to be pushed. The vision pulls you. Chareese creates that atmosphere and positive energy around her. Working with her has been the ride of a lifetime and I've learned countless skills. From entrepreneurship, to art, even to plants; she's got you covered!" -Jori, Artist

"Kelli is the next Seth Godin. She's unapologetically authentic and inherently brilliant marketer." – David, Builder

"Over the past few years I have gotten the pleasure to work with and alongside Chareese in our community. Chareese is always working on big ideas with enthusiasm. Her big ideas help connect people and unlock the creative side of our brains. One thing is for sure, the services and energy Chareese offers to our community raises the overall quality of life here in Billings." - Dan, Artist

"Kelli is the reason I had the courage to quit my job and start my own agency. After two months of being on my own, I've more than replaced my income and she and her connections have cheered me on every step of the way." – Dylan, Data Analyst

What's in it for you? 

One on One Monthly Strategy Session

We figure out if you need oxygen, heat or fuel to add to your Business Fire Triangle. We find out where we can help you most with periodic check-ins, ideas, content plans and customized strategy for your brand and business.

Weekly Inspiration and Actionable Items

Each week has a theme. It'll cover topics that focus on business, marketing, and personal growth, teaching you everything you need to know about growing and marketing your brand and giving you the actionable tools to do so.

Community Combustion

This group is to help burn off the excess and hone in on your messaging, services, and growth. The more you give, the more you receive from the group! Just as a fire needs these three components so does your business...take one away and the fire (your business) fizzles out too! Our community is full of supportive small business owners just like you and we thrive on cheering each other on and supporting each other's businesses!

We will consistently work with you all month long to make sure you're building a business that will blaze no matter what conditions you're working in. We want you in our group!

Still not convinced you need to be in the Group?

The CIO Times Magazine cover story named Kelli one of the "10 Most Admired Business Women to Watch in 2021." 
She was named Top 100 Business Leaders by Top 100 Magazine in 2021.
Prime View Magazine named her one of the 10 Most Influential Leaders to Follow in 2022.
Featured as the "Transformational Business Leader of the Year" by exceleon magazine, Kelli Maxwell has built a national brand and following as one of the greatest marketers of our time.
This is your opportunity to work directly with her and her team, without the high ticket price tag. 
Join the official Ember Marketing Group and grow your brand into a blaze that will be seen around the world.
What are you waiting for?