Where Did We Come From?

Our Founder, Kelli Maxwell, spent 10 years as the marketing director of a financial firm. She made the leap to start her own agency in 2018 and Ember Marketing Group, LLC was founded.

Frustrated by hearing the same story from hundreds of small business owners that a marketing agency took their money and didn't do anything that helped them grow their business, we set out to change our industry and get our clients results.

You won't find us trying to fit you into a box and selling you a cookie-cutter package. We custom bid every job depending on your needs and we don’t believe in locking you into long-term contracts to get paid.  

Who We Are

We are a marketing agency that specializes in authentic content creation for social media. Our team consists of certified drone pilots, videographers, and social media managers. We focus primarily on video, providing content to be posted on the social media platforms of our clients.




Meet Our Founder

Our founder, Kelli Maxwell has a passion for content creation and has come up with content strategies for small businesses. She believes in collaboration over competition and loves working with her clients to think outside the box and create fresh and original ideas to grow their business, grow their brand, and celebrate their wins with them every step of the way. 

Kelli has always been a self-motivated entrepreneur with the goal of establishing her own company. She gained marketing experience working at Cornerstone Financial where she discovered her knack for content creation and marketing strategies. As the marketing director, she helped the company triple its annual revenue.

At age 25, Kelli combined her love of marketing, content creation, and event planning and founded her first company, Ever After Events, a princess party event planning company, that she later sold.

In the last five years, she’s also started and sold a whiskey coffee company, monetized a podcast that ran for three consecutive years with two paid sponsors, started and sold a gym, all while continuing to grow Ember Marketing Group.

Her inherent business sense led her to partner with Chareese in 2021 to launch the Business Transformation Program, taking Ember’s marketing efforts one step further and working directly with businesses and their team to overhaul their processes and systems, increase their marketing efforts and teach them how to start making a profit and scaling.

Today, Kelli lives in the dream home she built in Billings, MT, where Ember is headquartered, and in her free time enjoys Olympic Lifting, rafting in the summertime and private investing in brands and people she believes in.  

Kari Bio:

Kari is a mother of three and wife from Billings, MT. “Poached” by Kelli, she was a stay at home mom looking for a part time job when her youngest went to school. Kelli offered to give her a shot as an office admin and it was here that Kari flourished.

Discovering her incredible talents for creating systems and processes, management and wrangling unruly CEOs (Kelli being at the top of her list) Kari spent her first year at Ember cultivating her skill set. Working with mentors, reading books, developing scaling systems, she is the backbone of the agency and the backbone of the Business Transformation Program.

Kari’s time management skills are impeccable, her ability to lead a team, run the books and turn a profit are unmatched. It’s Kari as the COO that has Ember continuing to scale on it’s path to success.

Taking advantage of the Montana summers, Kari spends every weekend camping or boating with her family and in the winter time you can find her curled up with a good book.  

Donavan Bio:

Donavan joined us in the spring of 2022 with one semester of college left. He came to Rocky Mountain College to play football from his hometown, Whidbey Island, WA and Ember is so glad he did!

Donavan is a certified drone pilot, videographer and loves working with clients one on one, filming and strategizing with them. He’s so good in fact, he is the head of our Ember Scottsdale branch in Arizona, working with clients in the Phoenix area.

When he isn’t working (which is most of the time) or traveling between Montana and Arizona, you can find him watching sports, taking naps or hanging with friends.  

Our Clients

Whether you're a small-time startup, an aspiring entrepreneur, or running a seven-figure company, we are here to celebrate you and your brand and create content that shows how awesome you are to the world.